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Christian Meyers

revue d'origine de cet article : Cahiers du CIERL (anciennement Le Figuier) 5

Date de publication : novembre 2018
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The aim of this article is to review in a short and precise way Hirsch's belonging to Freemasonry, in Luxembourg as well as in Philadelphia and thus filling the lack on Hirsch's Freemasonry life journey in Greenberg's (1975) and Wiese's (2009) biographical-philosophical articles. As Hirsch's belonging to the Luxembourgian lodge Les Enfants de la Concorde fortifiée is well known since Katz's Hirsch focused article (Katz, 1966) and book on Freemasonry and Judaism (Katz, 1970), we only briefly touch this subject by proposing a solution to the enigma of Hirsch's disappearing from the Masonic member lists from 1854 on. We will then pass on to the important part of this article which is to document and prove that Hirsch was reintroduced to Freemasonry in Philadelphia shortly after his arriving in the United States.

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