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État des lieux d'une recherche-action : enseigner le Français Langue Universitaire dans une perspective actionnelle au Maroc

he aim of this - collective - written article is to synthetically assess the current state of an actionoriented research on the problem of teaching French as a university language in Morocco. The
designation French as a University Language in Morocco refers to both French as a language
adapted to specific fields and French as a teaching language and therefore as a tool for accessing
knowledge. This action-oriented research, supported by Wallonia Brussels International, results
from a partnership agreement between the Belgian Pedagogical Department of the Haute Ecole
of Namur Liège Luxembourg (HENALLUX) and Moroccan Hassan I University of Settat. This
partnership aims to find together a way to improve the teaching / learning of French at the beginning of university studies at Hassan I University. The general philosophy of the project is part
of a process that is both scientific and civic.

Jean DONCKERS, Genevieve GERON, Aphrodite MARAVELAKI Hénallux et Khalil MOUSSAFIR Université Hassan 1er


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