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Les cours de langues dans le contexte universitaire: quelle place pour la compétence interculturelle à l'ère du numérique?

This article aims to highlight the significant
place of interculturality in the language classroom. Indeed, current societies are exposed to
profound changes at the individual and collective levels under the effect of digitization. This
means that the individual experiences a new socialization, a kind of digital socialization within which the intercultural dimension occupies
a central place through linguistic and cultural
openness to the other. This situation presents
the school with new challenges. Beyond didactic and purely linguistic considerations, language learning takes on its full significance by
putting to work the founding concepts of interculturality such as intercultural competence or
intercultural communication competence. We
will show this from the linguistic programs of
international cooperation, in particular those of
the partnership between the University Hassan1er in Morocco and the Haute école d'Hénallux
in Belgium.


ANALES DE FILOLOGÍA FRANCESA, N.º 29, 2021, novembre 2021


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