"On my first voyage, I was so amazed by the things I saw…" Beltran. «Oftentimes, I work 12 to 16 hours per day… Benmar; "Loneliness is always there between sea and sky (…) Life of aseaman is like to be in a special jail..." Richieboy. "We have chosen this profession for nothing else but to earn aliving and give our family a decent life…" Paul. Seafarers are indispensable agents of our global trade, yet what do we know about their everyday life? How do they cope with being always on the move and apart from the world ?...

  • Date de publication : 8 avril 2015
  • - format : 13,5 x 19 cm • 216 pages
  • Langue : anglais
  • ISBN : 978-2-8752-5002-5
  • EAN13 : 9782875250025

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